Melanie Lancley

Played by Vicki Glover

Melanie Lancley grew up in a sleepy little town, where nothing ever happened... until it did.

One day she was attacked by a vampire and how can you go back to normal life after that? There really was no turning back. Melanie isn't the type of person to run screaming from the things that go bump in the night, she'd rather face them, preferably with a weapon in hand.

Gabriel has taught her a lot about the supernatural world but there's still a lot to learn. One thing that hasn't changed, she still trusts the evidence of her own eyes before all else. The Carnival preys on doubts and insecurities but they'll have a hard time finding a chink in Melanie's armour.

But, just because they can't get to her, doesn't mean they can't take away everything she cares about. Melanie might literally have to walk into the jaws of hell for her friends.