Gabriel Cushing

Played by David Curtis

Gabriel Cushing hunted down and destroyed the demon Ka, who killed his father, and rid the town of Little Easton of an infestation of Zombie Vampires. Now, with the help of Melanie he thwarts evil at every turn. He's found his path in life and walks it with confidence.

Training Melanie has changed his perspective on many things. His legacy as a demon hunter didn't leave room for friends and letting someone in has been a challenge, one that Gabriel is finally figuring out. Leaning to trust and let go and how that can make them both stronger.

When Gabriel is contacted by an old friend of his father's he sees it as an opportunity to reconcile the contradiction between his past and present.

But, Dr Parker's untimely disappearance draws Gabriel deeper into the mysterious events plaguing the town of South Western. The Carnival of Sorrows preys on doubts and they pick apart the lingering thoughts simmering under the surface of Gabriel's mind. What begins as just another day on the job turns into the greatest test of his life.