Jenny Marwick

Played by Antonia Tootill

Jenny lost her mother in a car accident only one month ago. The pain is still raw and she's not even started to work through the grief. Right now she's just getting by, losing herself in her favourite tv shows and going through the motions of College and life. She tries to hide that she's not coping. Tries to hide the guilt. Though everyone tells her it's not true, she knows her mother crashed the car while trying to send her a text message.

Everything is unravelling. She's lost touch with her best friend, Beth, and she can't even talk to her father. It's all getting to be too much and that makes Jenny an easy target.

She begins to hear strange music and has nightmare visions of the Carnival's past and their victims. Gabriel and Melanie try to protect her but to face the Carnival she'll need to face her own grief. Will she find the strength to defy them, to forgive herself and accept the reality of her mother's death?